Z-paper-804 --> Topology military actions at Fort Hood

February 17, 2014

From the Z-paper series by Herb Zinser


Z-paper 804 uses the SYMBOL MACHINE languages and  the concepts of S.I. Hayakawa to understand modern SYMBOL life and its administrative structure.  In year 2014,  the TALE of TWO Cities  implies-->

1) the traditional concept .. physical geography cities like Baltimore 

2) symbol and equation cities ... like the city of BALTIMORE --> BAL --> Basic Assembler Language


Let's look at military mathematics WAR news  ... 

  • Topology
    Field Of Study
  • Topology is the mathematical study of shapes and spaces. It is an area of mathematics concerned with the properties of space that are preserved under continuous deformations including stretching and bending, but not tearing or gluing.


In topology and related branches of mathematics, a topological space is a set of points, along with a set of neighbourhoods for each point, that satisfy a set of axioms relating points and neighbourhoods


topological space is a set of points

topological space is a set of points

topological space is a set of points --> a set of bio-math humanoid points that graduated form WEST POINT.



Cadets at West Point in May for their graduation and commissioning ceremony.


The set of points (living points from West Point) went west to the western cowboy state of Texas to study a  television ... western  style shootouts at the math stage ..... the math neighborhood at Fort Hood.





Fort Hood shooting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


The Fort Hood shooting was a mass murder that took place on November 5, 2009, at Fort Hood near Killeen, Texas. Nidal Malik Hasan, a U.S. Army major and ...United States - ‎Department of the Army Police - ‎Joe Lieberman



Research Programs from BAA - Mathematical Sciences | U.S. Army ...

United States Army Rese...
Mathematical language, theory, and methods pervade research, development, testing, and evaluation encountered by the Army and the academic disciplines in ...


  Below, a mathematical manifold in bio-math FORMAT








Ho Chi Minh trail - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Hồ Chí Minh trail (known in Vietnam as the "Trường Sơn trail") was a logistical system that ran from the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (North Vietnam) to ...


History repeats itself --> Ho Chi  --> Fort Ho, Texas


Symbolism - Medical Definition and More from Merriam-Webster


the art or practice of using symbols especially by investing things with a symbolic meaning or
by expressing the invisible or intangible by means of visible


Ho Chi Minh Trail (trail, Asia) -- Encyclopedia Britannica

Encyclopaedia Britannica

Ho Chi Minh Trail, elaborate system of mountain and jungle paths  and trails used by North Vietnam to infiltrate troops and supplies into South Vietnam, ...




Carl Jung Biography - Psychology - About.com

psychology.about.com › ... › Profiles A - L
Carl Jung is known for his theory of archetypes, the collective unconscious and his studies of the human psyche. Learn more about his life, theories and ...

Man and His Symbols - Myths-Dreams-Symbols

Carl Jung's thinking has colored the world of modern psychology more than many ... Thus an examination of Man and his Symbols is in effect an examination of ...







Weights and Measures - NIST

www.nist.gov › PML
National Institute of Stand...
Apr 22, 2009 - The Office of Weights and Measures promotes uniformity in U.S. weights and measures laws, regulations, and standards to achieve equity ...

National Institute of Standards and Technology - Wikipedia, the free ...


History of measure theory secrets -->

Ezra Pound --> poetry of the Office of Weights

President LBJ ---> LB abbreviation for Pound

Ton --> Hubble astronomy exists    and  HubbleTON, Wisconsin does not exist  ..... in the minds of astronomers and NASA and other groups





Thus ... we see the important role of symbols and equations  .....  the SYMBOL WORLD  of serious math and science books, ideas, concepts, etc ...... expressions of NATURE as described by research  data and  formula that are written in serious books by serious thinkers. 


Let's look at the SYMBOL MACHINE expression VIA humanoid  bio-computer symbol processors.



Chair + man of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of book readers with an LU = Logical Unit


Colin Powell - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Jump to Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff - Colin   Luther    Powell is an American statesman and a retired four-star general in the United States Army.
Below, representing black ink knowledge printed on white cellulose  paper TEXTBOOKS ....
and sending the signal to the world .....  about the military poeer of equations, formula, flow charts and nouns, etc.

Colin Powell

Colin Powell

Col + lin Powell

Columns lines of books on book selves in  Powell Bookstore's,  Chicago Area


Colin Powell representing Nature's Chicago SYMBOL MACHINE eye/optical nerve/ symbol life  



Military headquarters  at the University of Chicago  ..

Contact Us - Powell's Bookstores Chicago


Con -->Colin  ... Powell's Bookstores Chicago ---> Department of INTELLECTUAL DEFENSE SYSTEM

Powell's Bookstores. Home · Find a Book · Sell Your Books ... Contact Powell's ... South (U of C): 1501 E 57th St., Chicago, IL 60637 | (773) 955-7780. University ...




Topology topics

General topology


Military  General topology in modern Sartre existentalism models of REALITY

General topology is the branch of topology dealing with the basic set-theoretic definitions and constructions used in topology.[7][8] It is the foundation of most other branches of topology, including differential topology, geometric topology, and algebraic topology. Another name for general topology is point-set topology.

The fundamental concepts in point-set topology are continuity, compactness, and connectedness



Easier verisons ..... applied  communications topolgy  ......  part of everyday  technical  life




Thus the super-symmetry optical-math-physics mirror   between Nature's INTELLECT and its symbol structure and its application to humanoid systems.





Military  General topology in modern Sartre existentalism models of REALITY and the symbol world.



Below. the SYMBOL WORLD military command structure  that are modeled after  humanoid institutions.

However, Nature can assign the SYMBOL JOB role to anyone in the United States .... using Darwinian selection  from those that can read and think clearly.   Thus your friend at the library OR a clerk at a  bookstore ...... may be  a TOP military officer in the  CARL JUNG  world ........  of MAN and his Symbols.




File:The Joint Staff Org Chart as of Jan 2012.jpg


Chief of staff of the Army --> Arm + My --> Arm, hand, wrist and the my = myoglobin proteins in the muscles  that can give INTELLECTUAL MUSCLE to written  nouns, verbs, equations,  ....... using the modern military tool --> ink PEN  = Pentagon  ...the real Pentagon with knowledge.

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